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Volunteer Spotlight: Eugenia Gomez uses her PennPAC experience to bolster a career transition

Eugenia Gomez’s appreciation for the importance of service began at a young age. Her father runs the US chapter of a Colombian based nonprofit, Children of the Andes.  She began collecting school supplies and running clothing drives for the nonprofit when she was still in high school. A 2012 Penn Huntsman Program graduate (earning a BS in Econ and BA in International Studies), Eugenia is now in a career transition bolstered by her PennPAC volunteer leadership role as Team Leader for the Concilio project in Philadelphia. As the next step of her transition, she will study marketing research and consumer behavior in a one-year program in Madrid this fall.  Read Eugenia’s full story!

PennPAC Silicon Valley

PennPAC has added an Operations Manager to its team. 

Tracy Ellen Kamens, Ed.D., a UPenn alumna and former PennPAC volunteer, has been tapped for the new role, bringing a wealth of experience to the position. As Operations Manager, Tracy will work closely with the Executive Board in support of the organization’s activities from volunteer recruitment and nonprofit selection to implementing development strategy. Executive Director and founder, Jackie Einstein Astrof, noted that, “We are thrilled for PennPAC to be at the point to add an Operations Manager to our previously fully volunteer-run management team. The PennPAC model works and we are excited for Tracy to help us expand our capacity to serve more deserving nonprofits and leverage the incredible resource of Penn alumni time and skills.”

A Proven Model

PennPAC's Impact in Numbers

“We saw a 44% year over year increase in December funds raised following our annual Thanksgiving appeal designed by PennPAC.”

- Melony Samuels, Executive Director, Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

“Following PennPAC’s recommendations on messaging, donations at our annual luncheon increased by 65% over last year.

- Kerri Osborne, Executive Director, Jumpstart

“The expert team of PennPAC gave us a tremendous boost of confidence that yanked us out of the worst financial year ever, and energized our annual appeal campaign to bring us a 50% increase over the past year.”

– Yeou-Cheng Ma, Executive Director, Children's Orchestra Society

“Due to our PennPAC engagement, our revenue increased by 31% for the following fiscal year and we have been able to hire additional staff. The pricing model developed for determining those program fees has been indispensable.”

- DC Vito, Executive Director, Learning about Multimedia Project
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