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How PennPAC Helps Nonprofits

PennPAC helps CDI 2015 project teamPennPAC Helps via ImPACt Event 2015

Since 2011, PennPAC has helped nonprofits address business challenges that might otherwise go unaddressed due to time, financial, staffing, and other resource constraints. Our clients range from small community-based programs to larger nonprofits serving thousands; from start-ups to well-established players. We tailor each project to the client’s unique needs. Our six-person teams of Penn alumni volunteers provide free consulting services valued at approximately $60,000.

Projects are customized for each client and must be strategic in nature. They typically address issues in one of these key areas:

  • Growth planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communications/messaging strategy
  • Funding strategy
  • Financial analysis/earned revenue

As our client, PennPAC will work closely with you to understand your business issues and create a realistic 8-10 week project plan with well-defined steps and actionable deliverables. Each engagement includes three client-consultant team meetings and concludes with a final deliverable of recommendations that can be put to work.

PennPAC Helps To

  • Address strategic issues
  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Leverage outside skill sets

Key Facts

  • 8-10 week projects
  • 6 person teams
  • 3 full team meetings
  • 2x/year project start dates (Oct. and March)

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Eligibility Criteria

“PennPAC exceeded all our expectations. They took our idea and produced a very tangible product.”

- Sonia Drohojowska, Manager of External Relations, Say Yes to Education

“It is the single best consulting experience I’ve had, from clarity of project goals, follow through, and gathering of good data and feedback. Thank you, PennPAC.”

- Erika Floreska, Executive Director, Bloomingdale School of Music

“We saw a 44% year over year increase in December funds raised following our annual Thanksgiving appeal designed by PennPAC.”

- Melody Samuels, Executive Director, Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

“PennPAC gave us a tremendous boost of confidence that yanked us out of the worst financial year ever, energising our annual appeal campaign to bring us a 50% increase.”

- You-Cheng Ma, Executive Director, Children's Orchestra Society

“Since the [PennPAC] engagement in spring of 2013, our revenue for the following fiscal year increased by 31% and we have been able to hire additional staff.”

- DC Vito, Executive Director, Learning About Multimedia Project