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Our Impact

Overall, PennPAC has had a significant impact on the nonprofit community, providing over 20,000 hours of service, mobilizing over 600 volunteers and engaging with more than 70 nonprofit organizations. To date, we have provided roughly 4 million dollars of pro bono consulting services. Our projects improve the efficiency of nonprofits and increase the impact on the lives they support and enrich.

And, PennPAC’s impact also extends to our volunteers. Through the “Power of PennPAC,” our volunteers have been able to strengthen their leadership skills, pursue new career paths, get more involved with nonprofits and expand their networks.

Select an organization below for an in-depth look at how we’ve made a difference for that organization.


Renaissance Youth Center Video

A message from Bervin Harris, Executive Director of Renaissance Youth Center, about how PennPAC helped them move to the next level.


Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

Following Hurricane Sandy, BSCAH asked for PennPAC’s assistance in market repositioning. The PennPAC team produced an array of updated marketing materials and recommendations for clients, funders, and a press kit promoting its affiliation with the NFL for the upcoming NY-based Super Bowl.


The Learning about Multimedia Project

The Learning About Multimedia Project (LAMP) creates a grassroots movement to reform and improve media through media literacy. The LAMP provides hands-on educational programs to underserved teens. PennPAC analyzed the LAMP’s cost and pricing structures to support budgeting and the grant proposal process.


Renaissance Youth Center

Renaissance was PennPAC’s first repeat client. The first project team provided an assessment and recommendations on RYC’s organizational structure and branding. Eighteen months later, the second project team developed messaging points for Renaissance’s various audiences and a full evaluation of the RYC website.



Probono.net works to increase access to justice for the millions of people who face legal problems every year and cannot afford a lawyer. PennPAC assisted Probono.net to re-position and re-brand Pro Bono Manager, a management system developed with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase law firms’ pro bono capacity.


City Lore

City Lore’s mission is to foster the living cultural heritage of New York and the United States. PennPAC researched best practices and strategies to help City Lore create and retain a new generation of interested followers.