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Current Clients

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New York
Silicon Valley

New York Current Clients

Godwin Ternbach Museum Logo

Godwin-Ternbach Museum (Museum at Queens College)

About: The Godwin-Ternbach Museum is located on the campus of CUNY’s Queens College. It organizes cultural exhibitions and programs of contemporary and historical significance for the diverse audiences of Queens and the metropolitan region, including students, faculty and the public. It is the only comprehensive collection of art and artifacts in the borough, housing nearly 6,000 works that date from ancient to modern times and represent global cultures from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.
Project: The museum has recently had a change in leadership after 15 years, and seeks the American Alliance of Museum accreditation for Small Museums, which requires them to write a strategic plan.  PennPAC will provide all the strategic planning research and assessment to guide them in writing the plan.  PennPAC will conduct an internal and external scan to prepare a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, identify key goals for the plan, and provide a planning template.

I Have a Dream Foundation Logo

I Have A Dream Foundation

About: The I Have A Dream Foundation empowers children (“Dreamers”) in low-income communities to graduate from college by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in postsecondary school, along with tuition support to remove financial barriers. This national organization has 16 affiliate locations operating their programs.
Project: PennPAC will provide the organization with a strategic growth plan to systematize and strengthen their affiliate growth. The team will assess the strength of the current network of affiliates, identify best practices, and provide recommendations for a growth strategy to assist IHDF in achieving the ambitious growth target laid out in their Vision 2020 plan.


Housing Partnershp Logo

NYC Housing Partnership

About: The NYC Housing Partnership assists in the development, promotion, and revitalization of affordable homeownership and rental housing through an array of specialized programs and services. For over 30 years, the Housing Partnership has been the facilitator of dynamic partnerships between the City, State, and private sectors to build affordable homes which stimulate economic growth and revitalize neighborhoods throughout New York City’s five boroughs. They are currently facing increased challenges in their core business due to the diminishing supply of housing, changing regulations, and increased competition.
Project: This is an interesting real estate/government/finance-oriented project in which PennPAC will assist the NYC Housing Partnership in assessing the fit and attractiveness of three opportunity areas under consideration. The areas are: mergers and acquisitions with distressed housing nonprofits, small lending, and development.

One to World Logo

One to World

About: One To World (OTW) was created nearly 40 years ago to engage international students in American life, but has become so much more. It builds life-long understanding and respect among people across the globe. Its flagship program, Global Classroom, engages international students who come to study in NY-area institution as teachers and ambassadors in underserved K-12 classrooms, with curriculum-based learning opportunities focused on cross-cultural themes and global issues. OTW seeks to diversify and strengthen its revenue base through the addition of fee for service programs.
Project: PennPAC will assist OTW in evaluating two potential new revenue streams.  One of the opportunities is to provide intercultural workshops to their membership organizations (NY-area colleges and universities) to train their staff in supporting and retaining international students.  The other opportunity is to market their flagship program, Global Classroom, as a fee-based program to independent K-12 schools and other interested parties.  As part of this evaluation, PennPAC will conduct a market analysis for both opportunities and a go to market strategy.

Philadephia Current Clients

Read by 4th (Free Library of Philadelphia)

About: Read by 4th is a citywide effort aiming to significantly increase the number of students in Philadelphia entering the 4th grade at reading level by 2020. It is the largest effort of its kind in the city of Philadelphia attempting to tackle the literacy crisis in the city.

Project: PennPAC will research best practices and available resources and build a proprietary library of tips for parents. Tips will be based on evidence-based research and/or best practices, and will be worded in such a way that will be understandable to parents with a 4th grade reading level. Team will create tip library and recommend strategy for distribution to a wide audience.

Women Against Abuse

About: Women Against Abuse provides quality, compassionate, and nonjudgmental services to foster self-respect and independence in persons experiencing intimate partner violence and to lead the struggle to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education.

Project: PennPAC will analyze current marketing materials and platforms, meet with key staff members (in-person or virtually), and develop a formal marketing plan for the organization as a whole or for specific programs. Marketing plan will include key goals, big-picture strategy, and have actionable steps and time-frame to achieve results.

Silicon Valley Current Clients

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