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Past Consulting Engagements

Godwin-Ternbach Museum (Museum at Queens College)Strategic Planning2017New YorkPennPAC provided the strategic planning research and assessment to guide the museum in writing a strategic plan. PennPAC conducted an internal and external scan to prepare a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, identified key goals for the plan, and provided a planning template.
I Have A Dream FoundationStrategic Planning2017New YorkPennPAC provided a strategic growth plan to systematize and strengthen their affiliate growth. The team assessed the strength of the current network of affiliates, identified best practices, and provided recommendations for a growth strategy to assist IHDF in achieving the ambitious growth target laid out in their Vision 2020 plan.
NYC Housing PartnershipFinancial Analysis2017New YorkPennPAC assisted NYC Housing Partnership in assessing the fit and attractiveness of three opportunity areas under consideration: mergers and acquisitions with distressed housing nonprofits, small lending, and development.
One to WorldFinancial Analysis2017New YorkPennPAC assisted OTW in evaluating two potential new revenue streams. As part of this evaluation, PennPAC conducted a market analysis for both opportunities and developed a go to market strategy.
Read by 4th (Free Library of Philadelphia)Communications2017PhiladelphiaPennPAC researched best practices and available resources and built a proprietary library of tips for parents. Tips were based on evidence-based research and/or best practices, and were worded to be understandable to parents with a 4th grade reading level. The team also created a tip library and recommended strategy for distribution to a wide audience.
Women Against AbuseMarketing2017PhiladelphiaPennPAC analyzed current marketing materials and platforms, met with key staff members and developed a formal marketing plan for the organization as a whole or for specific programs.
Science is ElementaryReplication/Growth2017Silicon ValleyPennPAC evaluated and made recommendations regarding growth opportunities for SiE, providing the client with potential targets and a user case study for marketing their licensing agreement.
ConcilioDevelopment2017PhiladelphiaPennPAC identified a strategy to diversify funding streams including corporate sponsors, individual donors, foundation and federal grants; created a plan to boost fundraising during cultural events; and developed a proposal to better integrate the organization's social services and cultural work.
D-RevProduct Analysis2017Silicon ValleyThe team conducted a market assessment and product analysis for a potential future product in the newborn health space.
Exalt YouthCommunications2017NYPennPAC developed a plan to guide the messaging and strategy for communications with individual donors and community partners, as well as drafted two communications pieces.
Kupferberg Center for the ArtsMarketing2017NYThe PennPAC team developed revenue maximization strategies for KCA, compatible with its mission statement and goal of engaging better with the community. The components included an analysis of Queens demographics; a synthesis of information gleaned from stakeholders as well as industry experts; and a market research survey of 60,000 customers, non-customers, and university affiliates.
Learning About Multimedia ProjectFinancial Analysis2017NYPennPAC assisted the LAMP three years ago in developing a pricing model for their proposals. The model has been a valuable, and widely used tool to which they attribute supporting the growth and success they have experienced. However, it no longer meets their needs as the proposal requirements have grown in size and complexity. PennPAC developed a user friendly, flexible, updated pricing model for LAMP's RFPs and provided in-person training and detailed documentation/manual for LAMP staff.
Riverdale Senior ServicesWeb/Social Media2017NYPennPAC supported their small marketing staff with recommendations and execution of a digital marketing strategy. We assisted them in establishing a Facebook presence, designing email marketing, and advising an under-resourced website redesign project underway.
Sunrise of PhiladelphiaCommunications2017PhiladelphiaPennPAC developed and refined a consistent messaging strategy for all programs; provided feedback on new logo and new mission statement in order to brand the organization for future growth; developed a one sentence tag-line; and reviewed social media, website and newsletter and suggested ways to better utilize these platforms.
A Caring HandDevelopment2016NYPennPAC advised A Caring Hand on how to grow, develop, and further engage their board and fledgling junior board, to support them in achieving the goals of the strategic plan.
Centro Nuevo CreacionDevelopment2016PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team updated communication materials and developed a strategy for donor outreach, grant management, relationship building, and retention.
Competent Kids Caring CommunitiesMarketing2016NYThe PennPAC team evaluated strategies to further penetrate sales of the program into schools, as well as the potential to seek additional grant-based funding. Applying their findings, the team developed a growth plan to help this program take off.
FootstepsFinancial Analysis2016NYPennPAC helped Footsteps in conducting a financial review to identify fully allocated costs for their programs and provide financial tools and recommendations in support of their marketing, development, and growth planning.
GallopNYCProgram Evaluation2016NYPennPAC reviewed stakeholder needs and the processes associated with the evaluation system, its goals and metrics, and communication of its outcomes, to provide recommendations for strengthening the impact of this system.
Graduate PhiladelphiaMarketing2016PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team developed strategies for the general public and for specific groups that will help Graduate! Philadelphia tailor its communication messages and materials to specific groups of adult students.
JumpstartMarketing2016NYPennPAC developed key messages for 4 stakeholder groups: student volunteers, college partners, preschool partners, and donors. Also recommended communication vehicles, timing and a high-level digital strategy.
NYC Industrial and Technology Assistance CorpReplication/Growth2016NYThe PennPAC team developed a strategic growth plan to guide ITAC’s entry into the digital manufacturing space. The plan defined the spectrum of advanced manufacturing, identified relevant services for ITAC’s client base, provided an overview on the NYC landscape of competition and potential partners, and identified opportunities for ITAC.
Pro Bono NetMarketing2016NYThe PennPAC team provided a marketing and communications plan to assist in reaching more people with legal needs and more effectively engaging with current and new partners.
Violence Intervention ProgramProgram Evaluation2016NYThe PennPAC team conducted a strategic review of VIP's program offerings and the resources required and evaluated the services of peer organizations as well as client needs to provide recommendations for an optimal target of services.
Bloomingdale School of MusicProgram Evaluation2015NYBSM sought PennPAC's assistance with a strategic plan for growing sales of an underutilized online music theory education product. PennPAC helped BSM identify the optimal positioning, pricing and promotion strategy.
Carter Burden - CBCAMarketing2015NYCarter Burden asked PennPAC for help with an updated branding and messaging strategy to unite the organization in light of recent acquisitions, grants, and program expansion.
Comprehensive Development, Inc.Development2015NYPennPAC provided CDI with recommendations for the recruitment and structure of forming a junior board to develop a new pipeline of younger volunteers and donors.
Dave Nee - DNFFinancial Analysis2015NYDNF asked for PennPAC's assistance in developing a pricing and transition strategy to migrate a free product for law schools to a fee for service model. The DNF Team found that it would be challenging to move to a fee-for-service model and therefore provided 6 other options for future financial viability of the organization and detailed one such model.
New York City Coalition Against HungerProgram Evaluation2015NYPennPAC created a volunteer cultivation strategy to guide NYCCAH in attracting and retaining long-term strategic volunteers.
Riverdale Neighborhood HouseReplication/Growth2015NYRNH engaged PennPAC at the successful conclusion of a major capital campaign and facilities expansion effort. PennPAC assisted RNH in preparing a strategic growth plan for programming to leverage RNH's newly renovated teen center and new gymnasium.
SAYA - South Asian Youth ActionMarketing2015NYThe SAYA Team developed an updated positioning statement, tailored messaging points for SAYA's target audiences and specific recommendations for SAYA's one-pager, annual report, video, website and social media presence.
Thyroid, Head & Neck Cancer FoundationDevelopment2015NYThe THANC Foundation was seeking to develop a plan to ensure sustainable funding to support expansion in reach and functionality of its product and was evaluating multiple potential funding avenues. PennPAC developed an approach for THANC to seek funding through venture capital or other early stage investor categories and provided detailed recommendations on two of the approaches.
Anti-Violence Partnership of PhiladelphiaMarketing2014PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team developed a messaging strategy and produced marketing materials that provided AVP with a cohesive brand image.
Children's Orchestra SocietyDevelopment2014NYPennPAC assisted COS with a broad development strategy to strengthen its fundraising.
Hudson River Community SailingMarketing2014NYThis engagement entailed developing a marketing plan to assist HRCS in growing their fee for services revenue to support their youth programs.
Mighty WritersReplication/Growth2014PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team developed a fundraising strategy for the opening of a new center and conducted a financial analysis to help optimize Mighty Writers' individual giving campaign.
National Medical FellowshipsMarketing2014NYPennPAC provided NMF with messaging and a strategy to promote NMF and reconnect them with program alums in preparation for their 70th anniversary celebration.
NYC Urban Debate LeagueFinancial Analysis2014NYPennPAC assisted the NYC Urban Debate League with a two part development plan that looked at potential for raising funds through fee for services programs to wealthy schools and a strategy to develop relationships and fundraising within the financial services and law firm sectors.
Pajama ProgramMarketing2014NYThe Pajama Program team created a marketing strategy including the creation of messaging, media selection and promotional campaign concepts.
Philadelphia Education FundMarketing2014PhiladelphiaThe team created a marketing strategy for PEF.
Renaissance Youth CenterWeb/Social Media2014NYIn PennPAC's second engagement with Renaissance, a PennPAC project team created tailored messaging points for Renaissance's various target audiences including the design of prototypes for a public service announcement, brochure and press kit.
Sports and Arts in Schools FoundationMarketing2014NYPennPAC developed messaging points and a marketing strategy to recruit college alumni volunteers to mentor graduates from SASF's programs. This project had a very big reach and was designed to support SASF grads as they continued on to college, many of whom are the FIF (first in the family) to attend college.
YWCAProgram Evaluation2014NYThis engagement assisted the YW in reviewing the role of its Academy of Women Leaders (AWL) and the AWL's annual Salute Luncheon benefit to reposition them both to be more current and integral to the YW and more effective at fundraising.
Bed-Stuy Campaign Against HungerMarketing2013NYThe PennPAC team assisted BSCAH in developing and producing an array of updated marketing materials for clients, funders, and a press kit promoting its affiliation with the NFL for upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.
Breakthrough New YorkReplication/Growth2013NYBTNY asked PennPAC to assist them in creating a Replication Plan to guide them in the steps to double their current program sites from two to four locations in the next two years.
Children of PromiseReplication/Growth2013NYThe PennPAC team assisted CPNYC in performing a feasibility study regarding replicating to a second program site, and developing a hands-on Replication Plan.
Children's VillageReplication/Growth2013PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team conducted a feasibility study to determine whether Children's Village should open an eighth School-Age Program classroom.
Learning About Multimedia ProjectFinancial Analysis2013NYThe LAMP was seeking outside support to analyze and model their cost structure to support budgeting and the grant proposal process.
Maternity Care CoalitionDevelopment2013PhiladelphiaMCC was looking for a team to help develop and define the responsibilities of a Young Leadership Circle (YLC).
Mobile Kitchen ClassroomFinancial Analysis2013NYThe project proposal for this young organization involved creating a feasible timeline, implementation plan and budget for the launch this new program.
People's Emergency CenterMarketing2013PhiladelphiaThe PennPAC team developed a branding and marketing strategy for the People's Emergency Center to increase revenue and name recognition.
Riverdale Neighborhood HouseWeb/Social Media2013NYRNH was looking for a team to help them strategize their website upgrade including a landscape analysis and the creation of a site map so their audiences could better understand the organization's program offerings.
STRIVEFinancial Analysis2013NYAfter previously experiencing rapid and haphazard growth of its franchises with mixed results, STRIVE was looking for a PennPAC team to review the historical performance of its franchises and develop a strategic growth plan to guide and optimize future growth.
12+Development2012PhiladelphiaThe 12+ team researched and created a development outreach strategy.
Armory FoundationWeb/Social Media2012NYThis team developed an in-depth social media strategy and recommendations regarding communication with Armory Track alumni.
City LoreDevelopment2012NYA PennPAC team researched best practices and strategies to help City Lore create and retain a new generation of interested followers through the formation of a junior board.
Pro Bono NetMarketing2012NYThe project team performed elaborate research and a SWOT analysis to provide suggestions regarding operational efficiencies as well as marketing recommendations to reposition a fee for service product.
Renaissance Youth CenterWeb/Social Media2012NYThe first PennPAC/Renaissance Youth Center project team performed a SWOT analysis to provide candid and tactical recommendations re operational efficiencies and marketing.
Say Yes to EducationMarketing2012NYThe PennPAC team interviewed program alumni to create bios and marketing recommendations to re-engage past participants for their upcoming 25th anniversary gala.
Students Run Philly StyleMarketing2012PhiladelphiaThe SRPS team provided recommendations on ways to increase the organization's local visibility and press presence.
Urban Affairs CoalitionFinancial Analysis2012PhiladelphiaThe team endeavored to assess the pricing methodology for this business coalition that serves as back office for many nonprofits.
Bottom LineMarketing2011NYThe Bottom Line team researched marketing channels to assist this established-- but new to NY--nonprofit; the team interviewed other nonprofits in the college access sector and also NY-based nonprofits that had successful marketing and PR programs.
Common CentsMarketing2011NYIn PennPAC's first project, the team created a communication and engagement plan for program alumni.