Project Description

Case Study – Logo works to expand access to justice for the millions of people who face legal problems every year and cannot afford a lawyer. Through a host of technological products, the organization improves the accessibility of pro bono lawyers as well as makes the practice of pro bono law more efficient.

The Engagement

PennPAC assisted to re-position and re-brand Pro Bono Manager, a management system developed with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to increase law firms’ pro bono capacity.

The Outcome

  • increased their client base as a result of the new pricing model recommended by the PennPAC team.

  • By simplifying the pricing model, the time spent on the sales cycle decreased from 2+ years to 6 months.

  • Due to the marketing strategy developed by PennPAC, has taken a successful new approach to its messaging.

Client Reflections

“I couldn’t have paid people to do a better job.”

“The PennPAC team was just phenomenal.”

- Adam Licht, Director of Program Mgmt,

“The PennPAC team has made a significant positive financial impact on
our organization.”

“The team has now brought us to the next tier.”

- Adam Licht, Director of Program Mgmt,

“In a word, the PennPAC model works.”

“Your deliverable was fantastic. What a success!”

“I cannot say enough about them. Each team member complemented
one another and provided a wide variety of skill sets.”

- Adam Licht, Director of Program Mgmt,