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How do PennPAC consulting engagements work?

Footsteps Project Team

After reviewing applications from a variety of local nonprofits, PennPAC undertakes a new slate of projects each fall and spring. For consulting engagements, nonprofit clients must meet PennPAC’s eligibility criteria and the project scope must be one that can be completed by 6 volunteers within the 8-10 week time frame. Detailed role descriptions are available here. The specific project scope will depend on the nonprofit’s needs and will cover one of various areas including: marketing, messaging and communications strategy, financial analysis, growth plans, program analysis, and strategy development. For more detailed examples, please see our list of past projects.

Alumni are a great source of referrals. Do you know a nonprofit that could benefit from PennPAC’s services? Let us know.

Volunteers must be a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. There are no other specific degree or work experience requirements. However, volunteers must be able to attend 3 in-person meetings with their project team and client.

Projects last approximately 8-10 weeks with Spring projects running early March through mid-May and Fall projects running early October through mid-December.

  • Consultants spend 3-5 hours of time/week on projects; Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders give approximately 2 more hours/week
  • 3 in-person client meetings: Kickoff, Midterm and Final
  • Weekly team calls
  • Teams may elect to hold in-person meeting(s) before Midterm Review and/or Final Presentation
  • Meetings for New York projects are held in Manhattan; Philadelphia projects are held in the Center City area
  • Daytime and Evening project team opportunities
  • There are 6 volunteers on each team: Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader and 4 Consultants.
  • The teams are structured to leverage participation of alumni with and without relevant experience.
  • Staffing priority is given to those applying for Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader positions.
  • Often, we have more consultant applications than we have space on our teams; if you are not initially selected to serve on a client project when you first apply, you will be given priority for future project cycles.
  • Interested in a leadership role? Learn more.
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Interested in a Leadership Role?

“PennPAC brings volunteerism to another level – your contribution isn’t just your time, but your expertise. And you can see your impact not just through one event, but across the entire organization.”

- Jeannette (Chang) Donkervoet, Volunteer and Board Member

“PennPAC exceeded all our expectations. The team, coming from all different backgrounds, was so thoughtful and organized. They took our idea and produced a very tangible product for us. Thank you for a great collaboration!”

- Sonia Drohojowska, Manager of External Relations, Say Yes to Education

“We had our final presentation last night and I have to say the last 10 weeks were so rewarding! I’m not sure who gets more from PennPAC, us or the organizations we’re helping. ”

- Ian Cohen, Volunteer, Footsteps