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Leadership Opportunities

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Are you ready to play a pivotal role with PennPAC? PennPAC offers several leadership roles for those who are ready for the next step, seek a resume boost, and/or want to increase their impact on nonprofits in their community.

Social Impact Council

Much more than a giving society, members of our Social Impact Council play an important role in shaping PennPAC’s future as they provide both financial support and experienced advice to extend PennPAC’s impact.

Consulting Project Team Leader

The Team Leader is the most critical role to the success of a PennPAC project, serving as the primary client interface and team “quarterback” who guides the process from beginning to end. The Team Leader is supported by a team of skilled volunteers, including a Deputy Team Leader and four consultants and is advised by the Liaison.

Consulting Project Deputy Team Leader

The Deputy Team Leader works closely with the Team Leader, providing support, sharing key project management tasks and serving as a sounding board.

ImPACt Team Leader

Team Leaders for our ImPACt events provide important guidance and input during the planning stages of these events and often serve in a leadership capacity at the event itself such as spearheading a brainstorming session.

More information on Consulting Project Leadership Roles is provided below.

  • Demonstrate and strengthen your leadership capability
  • Fine-tune your project management skills
  • Enhance your resume
  • Build relationships with nonprofit leaders–both management and Board members–and a deeper understanding of the nonprofit sector
  • Increase your impact on nonprofits in your community
  • Lead a team of highly skilled volunteers
  • Mentor fellow Penn alumni
  • Provide the leadership necessary to ensure the ongoing success and growth of PennPAC
  • An experienced PennPAC Liaison dedicated to your project to provide background, training and support as needed to help ensure project success
  • Team Leader Toolkit–extensive project management and presentation template materials
  • Training via calls and written materials
  • Cohort of other Team Leaders/Deputy Team Leaders to exchange ideas and network with
  • Conference rooms provided for meeting space
  • Recruitment of your consultants
  • Serve as the main point of contact with the nonprofit client (Team Leader)
  • Clarify workplan with the client
  • Serve as the project engagement managers, delegating and coordinating work with the team of consultants
  • Keep the project on track to meet all deadlines
  • Draw upon your best consulting, management and leadership skills to guide the team to its final client recommendations
The Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader spend an average of 5-7 hours/week over the course of approximately 10-11 weeks (some pre/post project work is involved beyond the core 8-10 week project timeframe).
The Team Leader usually has a good deal of work experience, often in consulting and/or project management, and/or has served as a Deputy Team Leader or Consultant on a previous PennPAC engagement. The Deputy Team Leader role is appropriate for someone with a project management, consulting or nonprofit background.
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“The PennPAC team was just phenomenal. I cannot say enough about them. Each team member complemented one another and provided a wide variety of skills sets. The PennPAC team provided a solid analysis of our situation. The team has now brought us to the next tier. I couldn’t have paid people to do a better job. The PennPAC team has made a significant positive financial impact on our organization. Due to the new pricing model recommended by the PennPAC team, we have increased our client base and revenue.”

- Client, Adam Licht, Pro Bono Net