A Special Message from Our New Executive Director

Published on March 14, 2022

Partnering with Jackie for the last two years has been a joy. She’s an innovative leader, social entrepreneur and visionary founder. Jackie started PennPAC with the “simple” idea that there was an abundance of Penn alumni looking to give back to our city and many nonprofits that could benefit from their experience: PennPAC would be the matchmaker. This idea has grown into a thriving nonprofit that has engaged 1500 alumni providing $8 million in value to 175 nonprofits.

Our styles complimented each other from the start. Together, Jackie and I have been able to make PennPAC bigger and stronger – engaging more Penn alumni and serving more nonprofits in NYC, Philadelphia, the Bay Area and beyond. While much of my tenure to-date has been during an unprecedented pandemic and more of our work has been virtual than anyone would have liked, our partnership has laid a strong foundation as PennPAC embarks on its next decade.

As Jackie passes the torch to me, I recognize that a founder’s shoes are hard to fill. While I’ll continue to rely on her as a thought partner and mentor, I’m also fortunate to have David Rhode, our new Deputy Director, and Cynthia Nuara, our Director of Operations, on my team. And I’ll need the support of the entire PennPAC community: your commitment to our communities, your time devoted to our nonprofit engagements, your energy to strengthen our Core, and your generosity to fuel our mission.

I can’t wait to honor Jackie and celebrate with you. Join us as the PennPAC community reunites for a long-overdue event on May 24th. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize Jackie – for creating a platform that leverages passionate alumni to build the capacity of extraordinary nonprofits. It will have been over two years since we’ve gathered in person and four years since our last fundraiser. Let’s make this an epic event to remember!

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about your PennPAC experiences. Give me your suggestions and ideas. PennPAC prides itself on continuous improvement – and this is possible only with your feedback. Together, we will grow and thrive.

Hope to see you on May 24th!

With gratitude,