Bringing fresh perspectives to help nonprofits thrive.

We are PennPAC—a volunteer community of Penn alumni dedicated to helping nonprofits become more focused, more resourceful, and more successful.

We are professionals in the prime of our careers, new graduates and recent retirees. We come from many states, nations, religions, races and ethnicities. With a wide breadth of experiences, skills and perspectives, PennPAC volunteers come together to help nonprofit organizations tackle strategic challenges that may otherwise go unaddressed.

PennPAC’s mission is to mobilize University of Pennsylvania alumni to strengthen nonprofits. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and a Shared Interest Group of the University of Pennsylvania.


The 2010 economic downturn had a significant negative impact on nonprofits leaving many organizations struggling to reduce operations in the face of decreased funding. They asked themselves critical questions like

“How do we re-evaluate our program offerings?” and “Should we reduce our scope of services?”

At this same time, Penn alumna Jackie Einstein Astrof, C ’93, was working closely with many such nonprofits. She wondered how she could help them receive the consulting support they needed, pro-bono, and had the idea of leveraging the passion and professional skills of Penn graduates. Jackie’s vision had the power to achieve three key benefits: