About PennPAC

PennPAC is a 501(c)3 independent nonprofit with a mission to harness the intellectual talents and professional skills of alumni of the University of Pennsylvania in a meaningful and socially beneficial way. Accordingly, PennPAC works with nonprofit organizations to help solve their business challenges through the engagement of Penn alumni who serve as pro bono consultants for short-term projects. PennPAC does not receive funding from the University, but rather relies on the generosity of our donors — PennPAC consultants, Board members, Penn alums and others — who believe in our work to provide the necessary financial support.

By accepting applications from graduates from all of the schools at Penn, PennPAC assembles consulting teams with a wide breadth of experiences, skills and perspectives. Nonprofits receive fresh perspectives and support tackling business challenges that may otherwise go unaddressed due to time, financial, staffing and other resource constraints. Alumni receive a rewarding, well-designed resume-boosting volunteer opportunity.  

DEIA Statement

PennPAC believes the diversity of experiences, ideas and individuals in our community make us strong. From our roots in West Philadelphia to the cities we serve, diversity is at our core. To create a more just and engaged world, we must celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, champion equity and work to ensure accessibility.  

Our diversity reaches across dimensions that include (but are not limited to) sex, gender identity, age, race, religion, profession, veteran status, abilities, socioeconomic level, and sexual orientation.  While we are committed to addressing diversity as an intersectional issue, we are mindful of the systemic racism that remains deeply ingrained in our society.  

We envision a community where all PennPAC stakeholders, including the University of Pennsylvania community, nonprofits, funders and partners, feel welcome to bring their authentic selves in pursuit of our mission.  A community with volunteers who bring a broad range of experiences to contribute to the cities in which we live.  To do so, we will serve nonprofit clients who share our values, employing people and serving beneficiaries across cultures, identities and experiences.  Internally, we will face our unconscious biases and privilege and the impact they have on our work and community. 

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility means a commitment to continuous learning. We are accountable and will report on our work, progress, and plans.  We have the will to build trust and a learning culture to do this work. As a result, our community will be stronger, provide more value for each other and have a greater impact on the clients we serve. Together, we will learn, grow and thrive.

How PennPAC Works

PennPAC Volunteer Teams

PennPAC recruits volunteers from a deep talent pool of the tens of thousands of Penn alumni in NYC, Philadelphia and the Bay Area. Volunteers are grouped into balanced and diverse project teams, based on the capabilities of the alums and the needs of the client.

PennPAC Consulting Engagements

PennPAC consulting engagements address specific strategic client challenges and can cover one of several fields, including: strategy, marketing, finance, management, accounting, business development, budgeting and technology. The projects have well-defined scopes with tangible deliverables geared towards creating an actionable set of recommendations for each client within the project’s 6-10 week time frame. PennPAC’s clients benefit from outside perspectives and access to skill sets that may not exist within their organizations. 

As an addition to our two-month consulting engagements, ImPACt events are one-night, high-impact opportunities to help a nonprofit. Whether we work with the constituents of one of our nonprofit consulting clients—like our mock college interview night with Renaissance Youth Center’s South Bronx high school seniors—or perform “deep dives”—such as our marketing/branding event in partnership with Harlem Business Alliance—ImPACt events offer Penn alumni a chance to make a big difference in the lives of others in a single night. 


PennPAC undertakes a new slate of consulting engagements twice per year. ImPACt events are held 2-3 times per year.


  • Nonprofits apply by late May
  • Volunteers are recruited from July-August and are then matched into teams
  • Consulting engagements run from early October through mid-December


  • Nonprofits apply by early December
  • Volunteers are recruited from November-January and are then matched into teams
  • Consulting engagements run from early March through mid-May

Tools and Processes

As a result of our successful experiences, PennPAC leaders have developed efficient and effective proprietary tools and processes for PennPAC project teams, including:

  • The PennPAC Consulting Process

  • Project management tools

  • Training materials

  • Consulting templates