Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I am honored to present our most recent Annual Report (2019-2020) to you. It has been a year of exciting growth and strength for PennPAC, thanks to the support of our volunteers, donors and friends. 

While the past few months have been extremely challenging due to the COVID-19 crisis and heightened tensions surrounding long-term racial inequities in our country, PennPAC has continued to deliver to a struggling nonprofit sector. In fact, we were able to quickly transition to virtual programming to complete our Spring 2020 projects and host our very first virtual ImPACt event. As we enter the fall, we have received more nonprofit applications than ever, highlighting the need for PennPAC during this difficult time for nonprofits and those who benefit from their services. 

This summer, we were excited to announce that we were selected by Penn to be a Shared Interest Group (SIG). The University’s vast reach will enable PennPAC to communicate our opportunities to many more in the alumni community.  We thank our many strong advocates for making this partnership a reality.  

Over the past year, our Operating Board has grown and we launched our Advisory Board – currently made up of 10 members – who will provide strategic guidance and financial support. Both boards are made up of dedicated alumni who each bring a unique lens to the work and are committed to furthering our mission. We also took on ourselves as a client and completed our first “PennPAC for PennPAC” project. The guide delivered by this team will serve as a roadmap as we prepare to grow our footprint to meet the outsized demand from both potential clients and alumni-volunteers. 

I look forward to a busy 2021.  We will approach the work with a renewed sense of purpose and importance. I am confident that whatever comes our way, PennPAC and our cadre of amazing volunteers and supporters will be ready to help. 

Thank you and best regards,

Jackie Einstein Astrof
PennPAC Founder & Executive Director

A Year of Strength 

PennPAC is at an exciting point in our history. As we get ready to celebrate 10 years in operation, take a look at some of our newest initiatives and areas of growth:

Our Coaching Program

The PennPAC Coaching Program has taken off! We provide targeted guidance from a small group of experienced leaders to start-up or small nonprofits. Many clients are President’s Engagement Prize winners or otherwise  connected to the Penn community. 

Over the past year, PennPAC has supported six organizations: Chicago Furniture Bank, Collective Climb, Getz Movin, Global Fund for Widows (image), Rebound Liberia, and The Unscripted Project. Serving a wide range of beneficiaries, these nonprofits are all working to improve their local communities. 

PennPAC for PennPAC

This past Spring, PennPAC enlisted the services of our own volunteer-consultants to put together a plan that will help us to increase our capacity and create a sustainable organizational model. The PennPAC for PennPAC project yielded key recommendations that will help us to reach our long term strategic and fundraising goals. The final product has been presented to our Operating Board and will soon be incorporated into our daily work.

PennPAC Bay Area & Philadelphia

We are excited to share that both PennPAC Bay Area and Philadelphia are under new leadership and have successfully completed projects this year! 

Ellen Haude, WH ’92 has been named the Bay Area Director and is excited to expand the volunteer and client base across the region.  She shares, “I am constantly amazed by the intelligence, poise, professionalism and work ethic of our volunteers.” 

Ajay Joshi, GEX ’11 is restructuring the PennPAC Philadelphia program and working to establish a deeper connection with recently graduated alumni in the area. “We are looking for ways for PennPAC to support the nonprofit community during this challenging time by leveraging the expertise and talent of Penn alumni,” says Ajay. 

Success Stories: A Showcase of PennPAC’s Impact!

Mentor New York works to improve both the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people in New York and helps other organizations develop mentoring programs. In Fall 2019, PennPAC was tasked with analyzing and re-imagining their various operational strategies. Essentially, Mentor York wanted to broaden their reach and provide more youth with mentors. 

Within just one month of the project’s end, Mentor New York was able to implement many of PennPAC’s specific suggestions including a shift in brand, vision and mission.  Mentor New York was also selected to ring the NASDAQ Bell in January 2020. As newly appointed CEO, Brenda Jimenez shared, “Because of your work, we have set the stage of success. You made a difference!

The Liberty Fund (TLF) is the first citywide charitable bail fund in New York City. TLF works to reduce the pretrial jail population and provides support in order to avoid future interactions with the criminal justice system.

In Fall 2019, PennPAC helped TLF to broaden their existing development strategies and create an Associate Board that will increase fundraising and visibility. At the end of the project, Joelle Servais, Director of Development shared, “I really have a clear road map ahead of me that was created by some great minds.” At the end of 2019, TLF was honored as a “Merit Finalist” for Mutual of America’s Community Partnership Award and the PennPAC project team was invited to participate in the celebratory luncheon.

Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) was designated as an urban empowerment zone in 1994 to assist this neighborhood that had the highest concentration of poverty (as indicated by the 1990 Census). 

In our recently-completed Spring project, PennPAC advised UMEZ on strategies to procure capital for loan funding, and identified institutions in the banking sector to target, in order to advance UMEZ’s capacity to create jobs, provide assistance to small businesses and support workplace development. PennPAC is proud to support UMEZ in their work towards leveling the field and creating opportunities for underserved communities.


PennPAC Milestones: 2019-2020

This year, PennPAC focused on organizational growth and strategy, prioritized volunteer engagement, & deepened our relationships with a growing number of nonprofits.

A Winning Model

PennPAC allows nonprofits to receive an outside perspective, access skill sets that may not exist within their organizations, complete strategic projects and relieve strain on internal resources. 

PennPAC enables alumni to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way, gain new skills while supporting deserving organizations and network with other Penn alumni of all ages and backgrounds. Three committed volunteers share their experiences: 

Cindy Lou Cuesta, SAS ’07

Craig Mills, GSAS ’07

Kevin Park, WH ’17

“I genuinely feel the projects I do with PennPAC end with a workable solution that will be used & implemented by the nonprofit… that makes pro bono worth it.”

“Finding community through affinity is essential to expanding social & professional networks.”

“Working with PennPAC has helped me become a better communicator & leader & constantly reminds me of the importance of volunteerism.”

2019-2020 Consulting Projects

PennPAC leverages the breadth of expertise of University of Pennsylvania alumni to provide pro bono strategic consulting services to nonprofits in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Philadelphia. View a complete list of our consulting clients here. The work of our volunteers improves the efficiency of nonprofits and amplifies the impact on the beneficiaries and communities they support.

New York 

Mission: Black Women’s Blueprint envisions a world where women and girls of African descent are fully empowered and where gender, race and other disparities are erased.

Project Focus: PennPAC developed a corporate marketing strategy for Black Women’s Blueprint.

Mission: Casita Maria creates a safe and welcoming community, enriching and uplifting youth and families towards success, through shared cultural, art and educational experiences and programs.

Project Focus: PennPAC designed a targeted communication strategy to more effectively reach various stakeholder groups.

Mission: GallopNYC uses therapeutic horseback riding  to help riders In NYC with disabilities walk, talk and learn, inspiring them to live their lives as fully, independently and productively as possible.

Project Focus: PennPAC provided GallopNYC with recommendations on how to diversify their revenue streams.  

Mission: Jumpstart provides language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities and promotes quality early learning for all.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC built a robust corporate funding strategy for Jumpstart.

Mission:  To fuel the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people and close the mentoring gap in New York.

Project Focus: PennPAC assessed the different ways that  Mentor New York can provide additional youth with mentors.

Mission: PennPAC provides pro bono strategic consulting services to nonprofits leveraging the talents of University of Pennsylvania alumni.

Project Focus: The PennPAC for PennPAC project yielded recommendations that will  refine our road map for how we can increase our capacity and improve our sustainability.

Mission: Through the discipline of rowing and rigorous academic support, Row New York transforms the lives of New Yorkers, regardless of background or ability.

Project Focus: PennPAC explored the viability of creating an Adaptive Rowing League and created a framework for assessing the cost effectiveness of other revenue generating programs.

Mission: Slice Out Hunger produces pizza-related events and campaigns to support American hunger relief and prevention initiatives.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC created a plan to build organizational infrastructure that included guidance on board development, operations, and communications.

Mission: The Liberty Fund is dedicated to reducing the number of New Yorkers subjected to unnecessary pretrial detention while simultaneously providing much needed social services to this population.

Project Focus: PennPAC helped the The Liberty Fund to broaden their fundraising strategies and create an Associate Board that can leverage their social networks to increase the organization’s fundraising and visibility.

Mission: UMEZ’s  mission is to sustain the economic revitalization of all communities in Upper Manhattan through job creation, corporate alliances, strategic investments, and small business assistance.

Project Focus: PennPAC advised UMEZ on strategies to procure capital for loan funding and identified institutions in the banking sector to target.

Mission: The mission of Urban Green Council is to transform buildings for a sustainable future in New York City and around the world.

Project Focus: PennPAC developed a road map to expand Urban Green Council's Green Professional training (GPRO) offering, a national program that teaches the principles of sustainability and trade-specific green construction & maintenance.

Bay Area

Mission: The Fix Our Ferals mission is to humanely end overpopulation of cats and dogs and keep them healthy, in their homes, and out of shelters.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area helped their client select a new name - Veterinary Access  - that better reflects their broadened scope of services for cats and dogs in San Francisco's East Bay.  They also assisted with new mission and vision statements as well as a communications plan. 

Mission: The mission of San Francisco Achievers is to support African-American young men in San Francisco to lead and thrive in higher education and beyond by closing the opportunity gap.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area gave SFA the tools to evaluate growth and possible expansion within the San Francisco Unified School District in the face of the city’s dramatically changing demographics. 


Mission:  The mission of Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse is to provide and promote opportunities for unstructured free play for children.

Project Focus: PennPAC Philadelphia provided Smith Memorial Playground with recommendations on how to increase their member enrollment and engagement.

One night. Big ImPACt.


Whether we work with the constituents of one of our nonprofit clients—like our mock college interview night with Renaissance Youth Center’s South Bronx high school seniors—or perform “deep dives”—like our marketing/branding event in partnership with Harlem Business Alliance — ImPACt events are a chance for Penn alumni to make a big difference in the lives of others in just one night.

Date: November 19, 2019

Client: Upwardly Global (UpGlo)

Project: PennPAC worked with constituents from UpGlo to provide mock interviews and resume reviews. UpGlo was so impressed with PennPAC volunteers’ commitment and engagement at the event, as well as the deep connections that they made with their clients.

Date: February 25, 2020

Clients: 24 Hours Plays & COPE Foundation

Project: PennPAC worked with these two growing nonprofit organizations to provide an external perspective on some of their key strategic issues, including feedback on their mission statements, communication and marketing, and revenue sources. While these clients have very different missions, they learned so much from each other and even discussed a future collaboration!

Date: April 28, 2020 

Clients: Bay Ridge Center, Grace Institute, & JustLeadership

Project: PennPAC worked with each of these three nonprofit organizations in mini-consultancies to offer feedback on new and developing organizational initiatives as well as to respond to urgent needs directly related to the COVID-19 crisis. Our first attempt at a large scale Zoom event went off without a hitch! Both volunteers and clients enjoyed the experience and we look forward to continuing virtual programming.

Words of Appreciation from our Clients

Our Volunteers Make It Happen!

A heartfelt "Thank You!" to our volunteers for giving their time and talent on behalf of PennPAC this year! We are thrilled to have such a diverse group of people providing their expertise to our clients.

Aaishwariya Gulani WH 18

Adam Wodka SAS 05 

Ajay Joshi GEX 11^

Alana Pudalov MAPP 16

Alejandro Pinto SAS 16

Allyson Bell SAS 17

Amy Chowansky SAS 08 WG 15^

Amy Cooper SAS 92

Amy Schall WG 94

Andrea Abosi GSAS 13

Andrea Gural WG 94

Andy Maheshwari WH 13

Anita Wang WH 18

Anmol Jain WH 18

Anthony Romeo WG 73^

Ariel Sadeghi SAS 15

Audrey David SAS 92^

Baris Barutcu WH 96

Benjamin Eleff MSW 19^

Brendon Lichtig WH 15

Briana Bunn, Law 06

Carol Henning-Franczyk MSW 90

Carrie Rothfeld Design 02

Cherry Shen GSE 14

Christie Heidelberg WH 11

Christopher Chi SAS 14^

Cindy Lou Cuesta SAS 07^

CJ Bilangino WG 15*

Craig Mills GSAS 07*^

Crystal Lu WH 13

Dan Zhou ENG 09

Daniel Suchenski SP2 14

Dara Heimowitz SAS 12

David Blatte WH86, WG 90

David Field SAS 07

Dominika Jaworski SPP 12^

Elaine Harris WG

Elena Kvak WH 16^

Elizabeth Ross SAS 15

Ella Lin EDU 12

Ellen Haude WH 92^

Emily Gao SAS 15^

Erin Lo WH 17

Fernanda Mattar, WG 12

Gabrielle A Pullia WH 17^

Gail Silverman WH 84

Gerald Rothstein WG 65

Harriet Shaiman C '84, GED '84, WG '89*^

Howard Seibel WH 85*

Jackie Einstein Astrof CAS 93*

Jaclyn VanderMeer SAS 06

Jacquelyn Lee WH 12

Jan Barnes WEMBA 19 

Jane Havsy SAS 96

Jason Lee WH 19 

Jeannette (Chang) Donkervoet WH 08*^

Jennifer Jackson SAS 07

Jennifer Ratner MD 91

Jennifer Yap WH 04^

John Contrubis SAS 88

Joyce Chao WH 16 

Juan Ibarra WH 12^

Karen Finkel EAS 79*^

Katharine Benedict SAS 10

Katie Burkhardt WG 14

Kelsey Brongo ENG 14*^

Kendra Hodgson SAS 97

Kening Tan WG 18^

Kevin Park WH 17^

Khari Austin-Rawls SAS 16

Kimberly Stallvik WH 90

Krish Mehta WH 18

Laine Levret WG 01

Lan Cheng ED 10

Larry Tang WH 14

Lindsey Gaon SAS 17^

Lisa Cheung SAS 16

Lisa Dawes SAS 14^

Lori Freudenberger SAS 88

Lucy Liu EDU 14

Lydia Kris WG 97^

Lyn Li Che WH14, WG19

Marcia Fox GSAS 65~

Matthew Herbster ENG 07

Melinda Bradley SAS 94 

Melissa Levy SAS 15^

Michelle De Leon SAS 99

Michelle Williamson SAS 11

Mindy Ong SAS 10

Mitchell Chan SAS 18^

Mohit Patel ENG 20

Nancy Michael WH 97

Neha Nayak  WH 18

Nian Gu WG 12

Nicole Goldberg SAS 98

Olivia Fox SAS 18^

Orly Halpern SAS 10

Paddy Chinta Law 00

Pamela Ellermann SAS 13^

Pamela Federbusch SAS 85

Paul Little WH 83

Paula-Kaye Richards WH 06^

Peter Deutch WG 87

Prakhar Bhandari ENG 17

Raina Dhir EAS 15^

Rebecca Carroll WG 87

Reshma Dave WH 06^

Ria Shah WH 18^

Richie Lou WH 18

Robert Massick ENG 88^

Roger Saks WH 92

Russell Langsam SAS 88

Sabre Kaszynski SAS 96^

Sam Tang WH 13^

Sarah Jiang SEAS 08, WH 08^

Sarah Williams WG 85

Scott Venesy WH 03

Seghen Aklilu SAS 11

Sherin Gobran WH 81, WG 88

Shraddha Munver WG 00^

Shubhra Raj WEMBA 19 

Sigali Hamberger SAS 96

Sophia Witte SAS 17

Stephanie Grayson SAS 92

Susan Pechman SAS 79~

Suzanne Curatolo WG 88

Tamara Snow SAS 15

Taylor Becker SAS 17

Terry Pranses WH 72

Tobi Bosede SAS 11

Trent Lowe WEMBA 19

Veronica Chuah SAS 12

Vighnesh Subramanyan WG 17^

Xiufang Zhao MSD-EBD 14

Zeynep Cilingiroglu WG 91

Zhuoqun Wang EDU 19

~Advsory Board, *Operating Board, ^Team Leadership

Meet Our Team

PennPAC Executive Board 

Jackie Einstein Astrof, CAS '93
Founder & Executive Director

Anne Turner, WG '94
Chief Operations Officer & Vice Chair, Nonprofit Relations

Jeannette Donkervoet, WH '08
Vice Chair, Volunteer Relations
Vice President, Private Equity
Neuberger Berman

Bleema Bershad, WH '95
Secretary & Director of Communications
Marketing Manager

CJ Bilangino, WG '15
Vice President, Finance

PennPAC Operating Board 

Stacy Bookman, CAS, WH '98
Enterprise Strategic Initiatives/COO Group for CFO
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Kelsey Brongo, ENG '14
Senior Strategist 

Ian Cohen, SAS '14
Senior Associate 

Atish Davda, M&T '08
CEO & Founder 

Lauren Tetenbaum Dorman CAS '07
Pro-bono Specialist
Dunn & Crutcher

Karen Finkel, EAS '79
Co-Chair of Nonprofit Relations

Sarah Jiang, M&T '08
Co-Chair, Volunteer Relations
Vice President, Research & Portfolio Management

Lauren Lorberbaum, SAS '08
Chief Technology Officer
IT & Business Strategy Consultant

Craig Mills, GSAS '07
Chair of Mini Projects
Adjunct Professor
New York University

Howard Seibel, WG '85
Founder & Managing Director 
Wharton Strategic Services

Harriet Shaiman, C '84, GED '84, WG '89
Co-Chair of Nonprofit Relations

David Slarskey, SAS '98
Board Counsel
Attorney & Founder
Slarskey LLC

Ethan Soodak, WH '13
Vice President
Harvest Partners

Advisory Board 

Tobi Bosede, SAS '11
Start-up (name TBA)

David Bradley, WG '82
Worldwide Automotive Equity Research
JP Morgan (Retired)

Crystal Caligiuri, WH '99
Chief Customer Officer

Dale Kramer Cohen, WH '76, PAR '14
President of DKC Resources & Managing Director of Sequel
Private Equity Solutions

Marcia Fox, PhD, GSAS '65
CEO & Founder
Fox Management Consulting

Vivien Hoexter, WG '86
Aviva Strategic Advising

Scott Millstein, CAS '92
Executive Director
Coro New York Leadership Center

Marc Packer, WH '81
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Susan Pechman, SAS '79
Chief Marketing Officer
The NPD Group

Susan Peters, CAS '89
Greybridge PR

Bay Area 

Ellen Haude, WH '92
PennPAC Bay Area Director


Ajay Joshi, GEX '11


Karen Schub Epstein, CAS, WH '92
Deputy Director

Cynthia Nuara
Program Coordinator


Mindy Ong, SAS '10
Vice President, Communications 
Senior Assistant Director 
Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore

Thank You to our Generous Donors

As a nonprofit organization independent of the University, PennPAC does not receive any funding from Penn. Instead, we rely on the generosity of our donors to bolster our mission. The financial support we receive from our donors ensures our ability to continue our work for seasons to come and extends our impact on local nonprofits.

Individual Donors

Adina Kagan

Adora Lam

Amol Pawar*

Amy Schall

Anne Turner*

Ariel Sadeghi

Atish Davda*

Audrey David

Benjamin Eleff

Bleema Bershad*

CJ Bilangino*

Craig Mills

Dale Kramer Cohen*

David Bradley*

David Field

David Slarskey

Elizabeth Locksley

Ellen Haude*

Faye Weitzman

Fred & Lori Leif#

Gregory & Sara Angrist

Harriet Shaiman*

Howard Seibel#

Irene & Fred Einstein*

Jackie Einstein Astrof^

Jacqueline Young

Jeffrey Walton

Jennifer Yap

Karen Finkel*

Lauren Lorberbaum*

Lauren Tetenbaum Dorman#

Marc Packer*

Marcia Fox*

Margot Ettlinger

Nicole Goldberg#

Olivia Fox

Pamela Federbusch

Rena Kopelman#

Saara Hafeez#

Iris & Sam Astrof*

Sam Hollander*

Sarah Jiang*

Sophia Witte

Stacy Bookman#

Steven Friedman

Susan Kimmel

Susan Miller Buehler

Susan Pechman^

Susanna Lachs*

Veronica Bisek Lurvey#

#Founder’s Circle
*Impact Circle
^Social Impact Council

Grants, In-Kind Support & Matching Gifts

Autonomous Research

Bank of America

C Space

Darsana Capital Partners

Duane Morris


Neuberger Berman

Pepsico Foundation


Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Slarskey LLC


Wharton Alumni Club of New York

Program Sponsors

Amol Pawar - Mini Projects

Autonomous Research - Mini Projects

Marc Packer - Mini Projects

Marcia Fox - ImPACt Events

Sam Hollander - Coaching

Includes all donations to PennPAC made between January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

2019 Financial Overview

1.  While PennPAC's program year ends on June 30th, its accounting year-end is December 31st. 
2.  PennPAC holds a fundraising event every 3 years, the last one was in 2018.  This accounts for the variance in Event revenue between 2018 and 2019.
While PennPAC volunteers are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, PennPAC, Inc. is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit or­ganization, not controlled in any way by the University of Pennsylvania.
PennPAC assists PennPAC Philadelphia and PennPAC Bay Area, but each PennPAC chapter is operated and managed separately.