PennPAC’s Advisory Board

Ready to become a true change-maker?
Join PennPAC’s Advisory Board, a powerful collaboration of like-minded individuals taking PennPAC to new heights!


Join us!
The Advisory Board will provide the financial support and experienced advice for PennPAC to dramatically increase the number of nonprofits served by 2020. With your help, we’ll deliver an increased range of services, reach new markets, and impact more nonprofits.

Contact us to learn more about how you can become a member of our Advisory Board!

By investing in PennPAC as an Advisory Board member, you will catalyze PennPAC
to significantly expand its reach and impact on even more nonprofits.

As an Advisory Board member, you will:

  • Contribute annually, providing the philanthropy needed to expand PennPAC’s capacity and reach
  • Commit to a 2-year term, serving as a thought partner on the path to PennPAC’s expansion
  • Attend the annual Advisory Board strategy and networking session
  • Get to know PennPAC as you wish: participate in events, help select nonprofit clients and more

What are the benefits to PennPAC’s Advisory Board?

  • Expand your knowledge of the nonprofit sector, the issues they face and the impact they make
  • Network with fellow change-makers and nonprofit leadership
  • Rekindle your Penn pride
  • Know that every dollar of your financial investment is being leveraged effectively through an efficient, impactful organization
  • Gain a priceless return on your investment of resources through the satisfaction that comes with making a meaningful, positive and quantifiable impact on nonprofits and their constituents