PennPAC Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring a specific initiative or project? Learn more about our ImPACt series, Mini-Project initiative, Coaching program, and Adopt-a-Project opportunity below. Contact us for more information.


ImPACt Series

PennPAC’s ImPACt series engage Penn alumni to utilize their knowledge and expertise to make a big difference in the lives of others in just one night. PennPAC organizes 2-3 ImPACt events throughout the year with diverse nonprofits. Our volunteers may work with constituents of our clients — like our networking and personal branding event for HEAF high school students — or perform “deep-dive consultations” — like our marketing/messaging event with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

Mini-Project Initiative

PennPAC launched our Mini-Project initiative in Fall 2018 to extend our impact on nonprofits. As the name suggests, Mini-Projects are shorter in duration, less formal and less structured in nature than our regular projects, but no less important to clients receiving this work. As of Spring 2022, we have successfully completed 13 Mini-Projects and are currently working on 2 more!

Coaching Program

PennPAC’s Coaching program provides targeted guidance to start-up or small nonprofits, as well as those organizations looking to brainstorm or seek advice on a specific, strategic issue. Many of our Coaching clients are President’s Engagement Prize winners or otherwise connected to Penn. Serving a wide range of beneficiaries, the PennPAC Coaching program often supports grassroots organizations that are working to improve their local communities.


Interested in sponsoring a specific consulting engagement or semester of pro bono work? Each fall and spring, PennPAC organizes four consulting engagements, along with two Mini-Projects. Sponsor a specific project or an entire semester of engagements to support our work in improving the efficiency and expanding the reach of our nonprofit clients. Learn more about PennPAC’s impact here.

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