PennPAC Leadership Transition

Learn more about the planned leadership changes at PennPAC.

Published on March 8, 2022.

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Effective March 18th, Karen Schub Epstein will be formally taking over as Executive Director of PennPAC. As I announced last fall, I’ll continue in my role as Chair of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards and am excited to continue our work together in that capacity.

Over the last few months, we successfully recruited and have been onboarding our new Deputy Director, David Rhode. David is responsible for program oversight (including full engagements, mini projects, ImPACt, Coaching) across geographies (NYC, Philadelphia, & the Bay Area) from nonprofit and volunteer recruitment through post-project evaluation.

As PennPAC’s founder, I have tremendous pride and confidence in the strength of our organization and our leadership team. I look forward to seeing where Karen, David, and our Director of Operations, Cynthia Nuara take the organization, with the able collaboration of our active Board and Advisory Board members and many volunteer leaders.

PennPAC has been such a labor of love of so many people from Day One. I cannot be more appreciative of the “village” that has worked indefatigably for the last 10+ years to make PennPAC the impactful organization it is today. I look forward to celebrating our success together with you on May 24th at our 10th Anniversary Celebration.