Preparing your PennPAC Application

PennPAC NYC is not accepting nonprofit applications at this time.

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Client Happy - application process

Ready to apply? Review these pointers to help ensure you submit a powerful application.

When selecting PennPAC clients, we focus on the following questions:

“Does the organization have a well-defined project in mind?”
“Can PennPAC volunteer efforts deliver a tangible benefit to the organization?”

Potential projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Have goals that are well-defined and achievable by a volunteer team of 6 consultants each working 3-5 hours/week over 8 weeks
  • Deal with a critical business or management-related issue in the organization, such as strategic planning, program growth, finance, marketing or communications

  • Not be solely focused on development/fundraising strategy or campaign implementation
  • Not be focused on design creation
  • Have the support of the organization’s senior staff leadership and Board

“You know if you partner with PennPAC you will actually end up with a very useful outcome in a very short period of time which in our sector is not very common.”

Daniel Eudene, ED, Riverdale Neighborhood House

“The PennPAC team took the time to understand our needs and delivered excellent work that we were able to immediately use.”

Kinda Younes, ED, NYC Industrial and Technology Assistance Corp

“We have consistently been impressed with their professionalism, intellectual curiosity, and willingness to tackle complex topics and translate them into actionable recommendations. PennPAC has been a trusted partner, and an extension of our team.”

Kinda Younes, ED, NYC Industrial and Technology Assistance Corp

“The PennPAC team provided Jumpstart with invaluable information that will strengthen our ability to connect with key constituents and improve our ability to engage them. We could not have managed to complete the analysis and recommendations this year due to limited capacity. PennPAC made this possible for Jumpstart and energized our team.”

Kerri Osborne, ED, Jumpstart

The Application Process

New York Application
Philadelphia Application
Bay Area Application

Note on the Selection Process

PennPAC reviews the details of both the proposed project and the organization as indications that a potential consulting engagement will be completed successfully and have lasting, meaningful impact. Those indications include financial stability, capacity of top leadership to participate in the project, an engaged Board interested in the proposed project, a track record of community impact and a well-defined and realistic project scope. PennPAC strongly considers the nonprofit’s leadership commitment because the support and assistance of the nonprofit’s top leadership is key to a successful engagement.

When selecting a final roster of clients, PennPAC looks for programmatic diversity and clients that represent a wide range of issue areas. If your organization is a strong candidate, but we have an overwhelming response of applications, we may defer acceptance of your project until the next season (if project is still relevant). If your application was not selected and you would like feedback before re-applying, please contact us.