Preparing your PennPAC Application

Client Happy - application process

PennPAC is accepting applications from NYC and Bay Area based nonprofits for spring 2022 consulting projects.

NYC applications are due November 8th and Bay Area applications are due December 17th. 

Ready to apply? Review these pointers to help ensure you submit a powerful application.

When selecting PennPAC clients, we focus on the following questions:

“Does the organization have a well-defined project in mind?”

“Can PennPAC consultant efforts deliver a tangible benefit to the organization?”

New York Application
Philadelphia Application
Bay Area Application

The Application Process

If you would like to discuss a potential project or have any questions about the application process, please email Karen Schub Epstein.

  • 1. Review PennPAC’s eligibility criteria to determine if your nonprofit is eligible to apply.

  • 2. Submit an application via the above links. It is possible to save your work in progress and complete the application in multiple stages.

  • 3. Finalists will be invited to meet with PennPAC to discuss their proposed project in greater detail.  These meetings are typically held in January for spring projects and June for fall projects.

  • 4. Client rosters are selected by February (for spring) and July (for fall).  Spring projects kickoff in March and finish in May; fall projects kickoff in October and end in December.