Should we apply?

Are you ready to bring your organization to the next level?

Could you use some outside perspective?

Is there a strategic initiative that you need support with?

Do you have a well-defined project in mind?

If you answered “yes,” consider the guidelines below to see if you’re a good fit for PennPAC.

PennPAC seeks to work with clients who demonstrate the organizational capacity to support our consulting teams and to implement our recommendations to bring about lasting, meaningful impact.

Eligibility Guidelines (full engagements*)

  • 501(c)(3) status
  • 3+ full-time, paid staff
  • Operating budget of $350k+
  • Does not promote a religious or political belief
  • Ability to meet with consulting team outside business hours (typically 3 meetings will be held on a weeknight from 7pm to 9pm)
  • Prior clients may apply 12+ months after their last engagement

Note: Smaller nonprofits will be considered for mini projects. 

To further assure success of our projects, we look for organizations with

  • Executive Director sponsorship and key staff champion
  • Organizational stability and capacity, e.g. not in the midst of a leadership transition or during the same period as other competing priorities
  • Goals that are well-defined and achievable by a team of 6 consultants working 3-5 hours/ week over 8 weeks
  • Proposed project represent a high priority strategic challenge in an area such as:
    • Growth planning
    • Marketing strategy
    • Program analysis
    • Operations strategy
    • Organization structure
    • Funding strategy
    • Financial analysis

We’re sorry but we don’t:

  • Build websites
  • Develop content
  • Create brand/style guides
  • Design systems
  • Recruit board members
reasons to apply - client impressions

Please note that PennPAC requests an Engagement Fee of $1,000 ($750 for mini projects) at the conclusion of each engagement to help offset administrative expenses associated with initiating and overseeing projects.

PennPAC has helped more than 200 nonprofits and provided 45,000 service hours

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