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The workplace has changed.
So has PennPAC.

Beyond our signature consulting engagements, there is a range of ways for volunteers and nonprofits to come together. By providing deep expertise and strong thought partnership to address simple-to-complex strategic issues, PennPAC’s clients receive invaluable perspectives and advice.
To meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world where remote, hybrid, and onsite workers have created a new employment reality, we offer opportunities beyond our signature consulting engagements for volunteers and nonprofits to come together. PennPAC has developed a more flexible approach to partnership, including hybrid and virtual programs, from one-day group consulting to one-on-one services.

One Night. Huge ImPACt.

ImPACt events are one-night, high-impact opportunities to help our nonprofit clients learn more, share more, and do more.

Whether it’s strengthening job interview and networking skills with iMentor students, or collaborating with a strategic partner like City Harvest to work with their partners in mini-consultancies to offer feedback on new and developing organizational initiatives, PennPAC volunteers provide nonprofits valuable insight and tangible action items in a single night.

Our next ImPACt event will be in fall 2024. 








PennPAC’s Coaching program provides targeted guidance to start-up or small nonprofits that may not quite be ready for a full or mini coaching engagement. In addition, Coaching also supports organizations seeking advice on a specific strategic issue, including past consulting clients.

PennPAC works with nonprofits to better understand the challenges they are facing during an interactive, hour-long virtual session. In this brainstorming and idea exchange environment, we focus our advice on a specific predetermined strategic issue. An incredible amount of value is generated in a short amount of time, and our clients often find that the fresh, external perspectives our volunteer consultants bring to the table are invaluable.

To learn more, please contact a member of PennPAC here.

PennPAC University

PennPAC University provides nonprofits best practices and capacity building learning modules for nonprofit organizations. Our in-person and webinar-style modules are designed to give practical and actionable guidance across an array of critical topics. Current learning modules include:

  • Cultivating win-win partnerships
  • Building your Board with intention
  • Launching a successful strategic planning process
  • Fundamentals of grant writing
  • Engaging your volunteer community
  • Developing an outcomes-focused theory of change

To learn more, please contact us here.

We bring PennPAC’s expertise to nonprofits in need of new ideas and advice in a quick, virtual session that works for everyone with busy schedules.

- Susan Pechman, C ‘79, PennPAC Coaching Chair

This is a fantastic model that allows you to interact with a diverse group of alumni on a focused project with a short delivery window.

- John Mueller, C ‘96, Consultant, Philadelphia Futures

I really enjoyed this one. I've been to a few impact events but this one topped them all. It was nice to meet such a diverse set of nonprofits who are doing great work.

- Ivie Clifford, WG ‘17

Everyone comes with a generous, collaborative spirit. They're not afraid to dive right in!

Alan Garcia, Ed ‘13


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