New York
Bay Area

New York

Change Summer

Mission: Change Summer provides access to high-quality summer programming to children from under-resourced communities to increase independence, curiosity, confidence and responsibility – all critical skills for a successful future.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC will work to develop an organizational chart and staffing plan aligned with the organization’s projected growth over the next few years.

Correctional Association of New York (CANY)

Mission: CANY provides independent oversight of prisons in New York State in order to promote transparency and accountability; safeguard the human and civil rights of incarcerated people; eliminate harmful practices and policies; and decrease the use of incarceration in New York.

Project Focus: PennPAC will work to understand the opportunities and costs associated with implementing prison oversight programs that leverage volunteers.

Covenant House 

Mission: Covenant House serves young people experiencing homelessness with unconditional love and absolute respect by adhering to the principles of immediacy, sanctuary, communication, structure and choice.

Project Focus: PennPAC will work with Covenant House to identify strategies for creating career pathways and professional development opportunities for front line and direct service staff.

Girl Be Heard

Mission: Girl Be Heard builds leaders, changemakers, and activists through developing, amplifying, and celebrating the voices of young women and gender expansive youth throughsocially conscious theater-making, storytelling, and performance.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC will work with Girl Be Heard as the organization works toward a rebranding, identifying the priorities and resources needed to undertake this effort.

Housing Partnership

Mission: The Housing Partnership’s mission is to partner with city and state housing agencies and developers to create, develop, preserve, and promote quality affordable housing to low- and moderate-income households.

Project Focus: PennPAC will understand the organization’s position in the market and competitive advantages to inform where to focus its work in the years ahead.

The Reach Institute

Mission: The REACH Institute is dedicated to ensuring that the most effective, scientifically proven mental health care reaches all children and families.

Project Focus: PennPAC will work to create a marketing and awareness strategy for a REACH program focused on providing education on mental health treatment to therapists.


American Swedish Historical Museum

Mission: The American Swedish Historical Museum is a community dedicated to preserving and interpreting material culture, and is alive with celebrations, exhibitions, and learning experiences.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC will conduct a wide range of stakeholder interviews and review best practices to support the ASHM strategic planning process..

Mitzvah Circle Foundation

Mission: Mitzvah Circle was created to fill the gaps, to provide items that are not covered by government assistance. They exist so parents can go to work and kids can go to school or daycare.

Project Focus: PennPAC will work with Mitzvah Circle to create a marketing strategy that includes tools to attract additional donors.

Bay Area

5 Buckets Foundation

Mission: 5 Buckets provides free financial literacy classes and materials with a mission to ensure that everyone has the financial tools necessary to lead a successful future.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will conduct a landscape analysis of Bay Area financial literacy programs, evaluate 5 Buckets’ current communications systems and create a roadmap for future marketing efforts.

Special Operations – Finding Kids

Mission: SOFK’s mission is to keep children safe from being commercially sexually exploited through the creation of a network that proactively searches for, rescues and rehabilitates vulnerable victims.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will arm Special Operations with current intelligence on the crime of child sex-trafficking for use in further building their resources and influence. Research will focus on prevalence and the processes of law enforcement.