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New York


Mission: BloomAgainBklyn reduces social isolation and loneliness among vulnerable populations by creating connections and conversations through repurposed flowers.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will create a deeper understanding of their current funding sources and potential, and help set development priorities moving forward.

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

Mission: Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School partners with families of all creeds to educate deserving young people from underserved communities to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will help strengthen the school’s unique work-study program by developing a strategy to increase corporate partnerships.

JCC of Rockaway Peninsula

Mission: The JCC of Rockaway Peninsula improves the cultural, educational, social, communal and religious welfare within the community it serves with a focus on improving housing and living conditions in the area.

Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will help identify gaps and needs in their organization structure and recommend an improved design to meet its current and future needs.

Fifth Avenue Committee

Mission: Fifth Avenue Committee works to provide integrated, community-centered resources and support that advance community development in New York City. These services include affordable housing, grassroots organizing, policy advocacy, transformative education, and training services.

Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will work with FAC to identify communications strategies and tools to increase the impact of its multifaceted programs and services.

Terra Firma

Mission: Terra Firma ensures that newly-arrived immigrant children and families have access to quality healthcare and legal representation, regardless of immigration status in order to build resilience, achieve safety and stability and reach their full potential.

Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will aid Terra Firma in assessing the capabilities of partners and help to create an implementation plan as the organization expands into new cites.

Tools & Tiaras

Mission: Tools & Tiaras shows young girls in underserved communities that jobs don’t have genders.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC NYC will work to help create a more sustainable funding model to meet the growing demands of this organization.



Mission: AccessMatters is a non-profit, public health organization located in Center City Philadelphia that protects, expands, and enhances equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care and information for all people.

Project Focus: PennPAC Philadelphia will review their program data and make recommendations on how they can better use data to communicate their impact.

Philadelphia Financial Scholars

Mission: Philadelphia Financial Scholars provides Philadelphia high school students, teachers, and families with the tools needed to develop financial skills, build greater wealth and achieve financial empowerment.

Project Focus: PennPAC Philadelphia will develop a rubric for PFS to assess the potential of expanding to other cities and school districts.

Sanctuary Village

Mission: Sanctuary Village is a future tiny house community in Philadelphia designed and built with the express purpose of alleviating housing insecurity for those looking to transition out of homelessness.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC Philadelphia will conduct research and develop messaging recommendations to increase engagement using social media and other outlets.

Bay Area

Local Color

Mission: Local Color builds equitable opportunities to keep emerging and established artists active, employed, and engaged in San Jose, California by commissioning public art, establishing affordable studios, and providing fiscal sponsorship.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will provide Local Color with a development strategy that will assist the organization in securing sustainable operational funding in order to grow staff resources, both in head count and in compensation.

Reading Partners SF Bay Area

Mission: This national organization, founded and based in the Bay Area, helps children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will provide RPSFBA with synthesized, accurate, powerful messaging, for use with a variety of audiences and constituencies, around the power of early childhood literacy as it relates to education equity and social justice, helping them to define and communicate their organization’s “why.”