Current Clients

Below is our list of Fall 2020 clients and projects.

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New York
Bay Area

New York

Mission: To educate responsible citizen-scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship.

Project Focus: PennPAC will evaluate Democracy Prep’s near-to-peer advising program that works with their recent alumni to increase college persistence and graduation rates. The project will examine the staffing and delivery model necessary to support an increasing number of recent graduates. In addition, this project will enable stronger peer support and faster response times to resolve critical issues and reduce college attrition.

Mission: To meet the needs of a diverse and vibrant Brooklyn.

Project Focus: PennPAC will provide recommendations for establishing a Junior Board to engage a younger constituency that will support FDC’s strategic priorities.

Mission: To empower immigrant children to develop resilience, attain stability, and reach their full potential.

Project Focus: PennPAC will develop recommendations on the appropriate structure for replicating the program model given its resources and the current social, political and economic climate. PennPAC will also provide guidance on a funding strategy compatible with this effort.

Mission: To empower families and individuals to maximize their abilities to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services and advocacy.

Mini Project Focus: The objective of this Mini project is to help Central Brooklyn-based Diaspora establish systems to collect, aggregate, and analyze data that can address specific areas of its programs. This will help Diaspora communicate to external stakeholders and make strategic decisions on program design and implementation.

Mission: To make running accessible and inclusive by providing adaptive running programs for schools and communities that serve individuals with disabilities.

Mini Project Focus: This Mini project will work to identify an appropriate fee structure for Fast Feet’s curriculum package to enable geographic expansion. The project will also consider where to focus growth in terms of the cities and types of institutions best suited to host the program.

Mission: To build, grow and sustain worker-owned green businesses to create a strong, local, and democratic economy rooted in racial and gender equity.

Mini Project Focus: PennPAC will work to provide Green Worker Cooperatives’ with best practices in the areas of operations, financial systems, and funding opportunities. The project will provide recommendations on how to make improvements in these areas to increase efficiency, reduce risk and diversify revenues.



Bay Area

Mission: Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation ensures children from low-income families have access to high-quality books in the home environment and extensive family engagement support.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will create a Parental Resource Guide for The Always Dream Foundation that includes best practices for developing early childhood literacy in the home, to be used by any family with young children.  The team will also provide a framework for integrating virtual communication platforms into beneficiary family training, connection and tracking.

Mission: Mission Bit is dedicated to inspiring and empowering students to unlock their full potential. We build professional pathways for under resourced high school youth across the SF Bay Area by making computer science more accessible through our free project-based courses.

Project Focus: PennPAC Bay Area will create a system to track Mission Bit’s alumni as well as develop a targeted communication and engagement strategy.