Project Description

Case Study – Exalt Youth

Exalt Youth’s mission is to elevate expectations of personal success for youth ages 15-19 who have been involved in the criminal justice system. Its powerful combination of activities including classroom learning, mentorship, and placement in paid internships equips youth with the tools and experience to avoid further criminal justice system involvement.

The Engagement

PennPAC provided Exalt Youth with a comprehensive plan to guide its messaging and communications strategy with individual donors and community partners.

The Outcome

  • Exalt’s end of year campaign used PennPAC’s messaging themes and recommendations resulting in a rise in donations from $85K to $115K, a 35% increase!
  • Utilizing PennPAC’s suggested strategy to showcase personal stories to demonstrate the organization’s impact, Exalt’s gala exceeded its fundraising goal by $81,000, bringing in a total of $181,000.
  • PennPAC’s messaging suggestions also resulted in an uptick in securing new internship partners, growing dramatically from 65 to 90 during the past year, a 38% increase!
  • Modifications to their use of social media and email newsletters have resulted in increased engagement with their constituents.

Client Reflections

PennPAC helped us isolate and communicate our strengths more clearly, giving us the language we needed to develop new relationships with internship partners and donors.  Leveraging PennPAC’s work, we won a Spark Prize from Brooklyn Community Foundation, doubled our goal in gala fundraising, and secured five new internship partners in the first eight months after the project. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the team’s findings, insights and recommendations.

-Gisele Castro, Executive Director, exalt youth