Project Description

Case Study – Gallop NYC

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GallopNYC uses therapeutic horsemanship to help riders walk, talk and learn, inspiring each one to live life as fully, productively and independently as possible.

The Engagement

PennPAC’s objective was to provide Gallop NYC with recommendations to improve its evaluation system and associated processes. 

The Outcome

  • PennPAC’s recommendations focused on how Gallop NYC could establish a stronger core foundation through refining its existing evaluation process, general infrastructure and operations. Additionally, PennPAC developed recommendations to increase community awareness by better demonstrating Gallop’s impact through increased parent engagement.
  • More specifically, PennPAC’s work was instrumental in helping Gallop NYC improve communication of goals between riding staff and parents. As a result, Gallop NYC made huge changes to their communication around goal setting and also in scheduling that have impacted training and ongoing oversight. These changes have opened up a lot of conversations with parents.   
  • Additionally, Gallop NYC noticed that its riding instructors didn’t really have the right tools for these conversations around growth and development with parents and have arranged for one of their staff members who is a social worker to coach them. 
  • Finally, Gallop NYC also implemented a new internship program with summer social work interns from Columbia to be on-site and help facilitate the conversations with parents. 

Client Reflections

The team so clearly understood where we needed to be and were able to show us what we needed to do to get there.”

- Alicia Kershaw, Former Executive Director, Gallop NYC

We have worked with a lot of pro bono groups, and [the PennPAC team was] very professional and the work was brilliant.

- James Wilson, Executive Director, Gallop NYC