Project Description

Case Study – Jumpstart

Jumpstart provides language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities and promotes quality early learning for all.

The Engagement

PennPAC developed key messages for Jumpstart’s 4 stakeholder groups: student volunteers, college partners, preschool partners, and donors. The team also recommended communication vehicles, timing, and a high-level digital strategy.

The Outcome

  • PennPAC’s recommendations focused on expanding the number of Jumpstart Corps members and increasing private donations through targeted communications.
  • According to Jumpstart’s Executive Director, Kerri Osbourne, “the most impactful part of the PennPAC project focused on how to position Jumpstart as more accessible to donors.” Jumpstart applied PennPAC’s recommendations by modifying all messaging to be more engaging to donors. “I focused on these concepts when delivering my remarks at the annual lunch last fall,” Kerri explained, “and my appeal at the lunch increased by 65% over last year.”
  • Per PennPAC’s recommendation, Jumpstart held a new private event for donors, which raised $9k during the evening.  Due to this success, Jumpstart plans to hold additional events of this type in the future.
  • Individual donations are up 30%+ in the 3 years since the engagement!
  • Additionally, Jumpstart was given control of the national Instagram account and incorporated PennPAC’s recommendations regarding messaging and graphic content. The account has many new likes and followers.
  • Jumpstart shared the PennPAC report with the national offices and hopes the advice is heeded on a national level as well

Client Reflections

“The PennPAC team provided Jumpstart with invaluable information that will strengthen our ability to connect with key constituents and improve our ability to engage them…PennPAC made this possible for Jumpstart and energized our team.”

-Kerri Osbourne, Executive Director