Project Description

Case Study – Mentor New York

Mentor New York’s mission is to improve both the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships for young people in New York.  Mentor New York helps other organizations develop mentoring programs.

The Engagement

PennPAC helped Mentor New York analyze and re-imagine various operational strategies.  By improving their operations, Mentor New York is better positioned to scale, thereby providing additional youth with mentors.

The Outcome

PennPAC provided high-level recommendations to leverage Mentor New York’s model and success to date, and guide its growth based on a detailed industry analysis and many personal interviews of peers, funders and partners in the mentoring space.

At the conclusion of the project, Brenda Jimenez, CEO, Mentor New York, expressed, “As an executive leader, it was extremely helpful to have talented thinking partners with diverse business backgrounds helping us assess our business model, services and impact.”

Within one month of the project’s end, the client implemented many of PennPAC’s specific suggestions, especially those related to:

  • Website and messaging
  • Staffing
  • Board and Young Professionals Advisory Board (targeted roles and responsibilities)
  • Corporate relationships.

Client Reflections

“Your feedback, suggestions and key recommendations allowed me to become more confident and resolute on some of the strategies I hoped to implement as it confirmed many of the realities that were difficult to accept and generate conversations about. It also has sparked my team to think differently about our work and how we articulate what we do and what we achieve.”

– Brenda Jimenez, CEO, Mentor New York