Project Description

Case Study – The Learning about Multimedia Project (The LAMP)

The LAMP Logo

The Learning About Multimedia Project (LAMP) creates a grassroots movement to reform and improve media through media literacy. The LAMP provides hands-on educational programs to underserved teens.

The Engagement

PennPAC analyzed the LAMP’s cost and pricing structures to support budgeting and the grant proposal process.

The Outcome

  • In the year following the engagement, the LAMP increased their revenue by 31% and was able to hire additional staff. They credit the effective program-pricing model created by PennPAC for this.

  • PennPAC provided concrete recommendations about additional funding sources for the LAMP which they have been pursuing.

Client Reflections

“What we got was tremendous. It has changed the way we are doing things dramatically.”

“The program-pricing model developed by our PennPAC volunteer-consultants has been indispensable.”

- D.C. Vito, Executive Director, The LAMP

“We were thrilled with the content that PennPAC provided us.”

“The project went amazingly well and exceeded my expectations. The Excel model is particularly useful.”

- D.C. Vito, Executive Director, The LAMP