PennPAC offers 3 types of pro-bono consulting:

  • Project teams are made up of 6 people – a team leader, deputy leader and 4 consultants.
  • Projects last 8-10 weeks and consultants work 3-4 hours/week.
  • Consultants attend 3 in-person meetings with the client.
  • PennPAC completes at least 10 full consulting projects annually.
  • Nonprofit clients all have a defined need or challenge for our team to address.
  • Project teams have 2-3 people with an assigned team lead.
  • Projects last 6-8 weeks and consultants work 3-4 hours/week.
  • Mini Projects are ideal for volunteers with limited time or who require flexibility.
  • PennPAC completes 2-3 Mini Projects each year.
  • Nonprofits have targeted needs that can be addressed in a shorter time frame.
  • PennPAC has begun offering coaching to a range of small and start-up nonprofits.
  • We are building a cadre of alumni who have experience in management, leadership and operations to support new nonprofit leaders.
  • Volunteers will conduct one or more phone calls over a defined period of time based on the needs of the client.
Ready to Join Us ?
Interested in a Leadership Role?

“PennPAC brings volunteerism to another level – your contribution isn’t just your time, but your expertise. And you can see your impact not just through one event, but across the entire organization.”

- Jeannette (Chang) Donkervoet, Volunteer and Board Member

“PennPAC¬†exceeded all our expectations. The team, coming from all different backgrounds, was so thoughtful and organized. They took our idea and produced a very tangible product for us. Thank you for a great collaboration!”

- Sonia Drohojowska, Manager of External Relations, Say Yes to Education

“We had our final presentation last night and I have to say the last 10 weeks were so rewarding! I’m not sure who gets more from PennPAC, us or the organizations we’re helping.¬†”

- Ian Cohen, Volunteer, Footsteps