Leadership Opportunities

PennPAC offers several leadership opportunities for those who want to oversee a team of highly skilled volunteers, play a management role overseeing a PennPAC team, or focus on strategy to grow our impact and scale. 

The Team Leader is the most critical role to the success of a PennPAC consulting project, serving as the primary client interface & guiding the entire process. They work with a Deputy Team Leader & 4 Volunteer Consultants.

Team Leaders spend an average of 4-5 hours/week over the course of approximately 10-12 weeks. Positions are available in the Fall & Spring. 

The Deputy Team Leader works closely with the Team Leader on PennPAC consulting projects. They provide support, share key project management tasks, directly engage with the nonprofit client, and share oversight of the project team. 

Deputy Team Leads spend an average of 4-5 hours/week over the course of 8-10 weeks. Positions are available in the Fall & Spring.

The Liaison defines the scope of work and provides oversight and guidance to ensure success of the consulting team. Liaisons must have previously served as a Deputy/Team Leader.

Liaisons spend an average of 5 hours scoping the project and 1-2 hours/week during the course of 8-10 weeks. Positions are available in the Fall & Spring. To learn more, email Karen Schub Epstein.

Members of our Advisory Board play an important role in shaping PennPAC’s future as they provide both financial support and experienced advice to extend PennPAC’s impact. 

The Advisory Board meets two times a year and many Advisory Board members work on other PennPAC projets and committees as well. To learn more, email Jackie Einstein Astrof.

Our Operating Board provides oversight and is the official organizational governing body. Members provide strategic guidance on the management and operations of PennPAC as well as assist with volunteer and nonprofit relations, fundraising, and annual goal setting.

The Operating Board meets four times a year and members work on other organizational committees.

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“The PennPAC team was just phenomenal. I cannot say enough about them. Each team member complemented one another and provided a wide variety of skills sets. The PennPAC team provided a solid analysis of our situation. The team has now brought us to the next tier. I couldn’t have paid people to do a better job. The PennPAC team has made a significant positive financial impact on our organization. Due to the new pricing model recommended by the PennPAC team, we have increased our client base and revenue.”

- Client, Adam Licht, Pro Bono Net