Volunteer Spotlight: David Field

While David Field came to PennPAC with limited volunteer experience, the marketing analytics specialist had advised non-profit organizations on digital marketing strategies in connection with his role at Bedrock Media Ventures. Through this opportunity, he became familiar with many of the challenges non-profit organizations face and was eager to get more involved in helping nonprofits.

David first participated with PennPAC at an ImPACt event in February 2018 and really enjoyed the experience working with the students from Harlem Educational Activities Fund as well as interacting with Penn alumni from diverse backgrounds. Accordingly, he wanted to become more active with PennPAC right away and offered up his expertise in social media.

Over this past summer, David spent considerable time auditing PennPAC’s various social media channels and put together a comprehensive report, along with numerous suggestions on how PennPAC could better leverage itself socially. Still committed to PennPAC and its mission, David is presently a volunteer consultant on the Grace Institute team.

Executive Director, Jackie Einstein Astrof, was very pleased with David’s report and immediately began putting some of the recommendations into action. Interestingly, one of the easiest items to implement was changing the time that the newsletter was sent out. This simple shift has resulted in increased open rates, thereby ensuring that more people are kept up-to-date on PennPAC’s news, events and deadlines.

David’s ad hoc volunteer role is just one of the many examples of how PennPAC volunteers have provided their unique talents in service of PennPAC.