Volunteer Spotlight: Mindy Ong

Like many PennPAC volunteers, when Mindy Ong SAS ’10 discovered PennPAC, she wanted to get involved because she was looking for an opportunity to apply her skills through volunteer work. PennPAC’s work called out to her, and the fact that it was affiliated with her alma mater Penn seemed almost providential.

However, unlike the rest of PennPAC’s volunteers, Mindy doesn’t live in the U.S. Despite this potential obstacle, the Singapore resident was determined to participate with PennPAC. So, while serving on a project team wasn’t an option, Mindy offered up her graphic design skills and PennPAC was happy to have them!

Since late 2016, Mindy’s talents have been put to good use in the creation of communication materials, business cards, website graphics and, most recently, the development of frames for use on Facebook.

Mindy has really enjoyed her service with PennPAC, feeling a part of the PennPAC community in spite of the distance. And, she loves receiving news updates and reading up on what the project teams have accomplished, which has provided her with a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges that are faced by nonprofits. This connection has inspired Mindy to do more in Singapore as well.

When not volunteering with PennPAC, Mindy works with Singapore Public Service. Her governmental experience has ranged from labor market policy and age-friendly workplace practices to continuing education and training, social service delivery, and community engagement. Mindy also volunteers with people with intellectual disability (PWIDs), a population she has been working with since high school.